Citizens' Advisory





January 5th, 2017

Possible Snow/Wintry Mix/Hazardous Conditions


We, at the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year and wish all a safe and prosperous 2017.


The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office has been closely monitoring weather forecasts for this upcoming weekend. As usual, Fairfield County sits on a forecast “border.” Depending upon which news outlet that you are loyal to, Fairfield County may receive anywhere from a “dusting” to several inches of snow. The Sheriff’s Office has prepared for the worst and does not foresee any disruption in our services to the entire county. However, we do encourage everyone to exercise good judgment and avoid any unnecessary travel if there is any accumulation. Additionally, remain vigilant for other hazards that this type of weather can create, such as downed trees and fallen power lines, especially during nighttime hours. Also be cautious of icy roadways, especially Saturday evening after the precipitation is predicted to have moved out of the area. Freezing temperatures are expected, for Saturday night and the following few nights. Snow and/or ice may thaw Saturday afternoon but can easily lead to icy and unsafe driving conditions in freezing temperatures. Again, use good, sound judgment in deciding if any travel is absolutely necessary. 


Sheriff Montgomery: “We, at the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, want to encourage everyone to be careful this weekend. If we do have any type of accumulation, we strongly encourage everyone to stay off the roads as much as possible. If you do need to travel, let someone know where you are going, the route that you are taking, and be sure to call someone to let them know that you have made it to your destination safely. Also, be sure to look out for your family, friends, and neighbors, especially the elderly. Have a safe weekend and call us if we can be of any assistance.”