To our Midlands STEM scholars and families,


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. As we are preparing for an exciting school year, please keep in mind our mission, which is to produce academically and physically fit, STEM proficient students. Last year, we became fully K-12 and this year we welcome our 3 and 4 year old Mini Mavericks. It means everything to us that we can offer a quality education from start to finish for all of our families. The Mighty Mavericks have persevered through many setbacks over the past 8 years. We now find ourselves on a powerful and steady trajectory towards the fulfillment of our goals; to offer a premier, STEM-focused education for the children of Fairfield and surrounding counties. We are a school of choice, which may mean we are not the right fit for everyone. Our growing numbers, however, have indicated that we are a great fit for most.


I challenge each of our stakeholders, community partners, parents, board members, teachers, support staff, and students, to continue to advocate for our school. Help us be better through the offering of support, volunteering, constructive feedback, and donations. This would not be possible without
each and every one of us working together. We are ready to SOAR! Hold on to your seats!!!

Your Principal,
Cynthia Prince

Our Philosophy
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It is the belief of Midlands STEM that all children can and will learn when provided with an environment where they feel safe and loved.  We expect every teacher, staff member, and student to adhere to the STEM Pledge, as this is what unites us all.  We are unstoppable together, because When One Wins, We All Win!

Our History

Midlands STEM was founded in 2014 as a public charter school with a STEM focus to meet the needs of the underrepresented population of students in Fairfield County, specifically Winnsboro, SC. The school began as a 5K-5th grade school, and is now fully 5K-12 school. Midlands STEM has operated in two locations in the past 7 years, finding its way back to Rockton. The school will soon find its forever home in Winnsboro and continue to meet its goal to educate its scholars for the STEM related careers of tomorrow.