Welcome Letter


As the Executive Director and Principal of Midlands STEM for the past two years, I have witnessed tremendous growth and improvement in our school facility, fiscal responsibility, and overall school climate and culture. All while we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. We refused to let a virus stop us from our goal of cultivating a culture where we work hard and celebrate each other’s wins. We are dedicated to changing our climate from status quo to Unstoppable Excellence!

With over 20 years of experience as a clinical counselor, therapist, special education teacher and director, and now principal, I am utilizing those experiences to steer our school into a new, exciting direction. Our vision is that Midlands STEM will be a school the parents, students, teachers, and stakeholders of Fairfield County can be proud of. Our scholars will graduate as well-rounded individuals with the social, emotional, academic, and job readiness skills to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors.


I am the mother of three amazing and beautiful children. My son Jeremiah received his bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and master’s degree in Political Science from Brown University and now works as a policy and data analyst. My daughter Ariel received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Winthrop University and master’s degree in International Studies at USC. My youngest daughter, Sierra, is a graduate of Irmo High School and will be attending USC as an Engineering student in the fall on a full scholarship. We are a family who believes in the intrinsic and extrinsic value of a quality education. 

Additionally, I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to our teachers and staff. They work diligently throughout the year to prepare our scholars for success. All of our teachers and support staff have spent hours preparing materials, creating child-centered classrooms, and reviewing data in order to offer differentiated instruction to meet each individual student’s needs. As an instructional leader, I hope to guide and further develop our teachers to become Learning Facilitators, the next evolution of teaching.
We are looking forward to the most successful school year in the history of Midlands STEM.  Join us, as we get Ready, Aim, and SOAR!


Cynthia Prince
Executive Director and Principal

Our Philosophy
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It is the belief of Midlands STEM that all children can and will learn when provided with an environment where they feel safe and loved.  We expect every teacher, staff member, and student to adhere to the STEM Pledge, as this is what unites us all.  We are unstoppable together, because When One Wins, We All Win!

Our History

Midlands STEM was founded in 2014 as a public charter school with a STEM focus to meet the needs of the underrepresented population of students in Fairfield County, specifically Winnsboro, SC. The school began as a 5K-5th grade school, and is now fully 5K-12 school. Midlands STEM has operated in two locations in the past 7 years, finding its way back to Rockton. The school will soon find its forever home in Winnsboro and continue to meet its goal to educate its scholars for the STEM related careers of tomorrow.