Preparing Today's Students with Tomorrow's Education.


At Midlands STEM, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creativity is expected and supported. Our multidimensional and integrated academic approach is designed to foster deep critical thinking and creative problem solving. We afford High School students the freedom to explore and chart their own personalized path of study. This is where hard work and autonomy meet. The result is more than knowledge; it is students actualizing their potential and their vision for their future. Our students have the opportunity to enroll in classes offered by Midlands STEM as well as classes at the local Career Center, Midlands Technical College and online classes offered by SC Virtual. All of these are offered at no cost to the student’s family. 


The integrated curriculum means students can immerse themselves in multiple disciplines. This approach puts rigorous intellectual and creative exploration at our core, and allows students to develop tools to solve problems creatively in a changing and complex world. 

Our small classes put students face-to-face with certified faculty, where they can ask questions, delve deep, iterate, and collaborate. Through intensive project-based learning and research, students gain hands-on experience that can be put to use immediately. Our students don’t just explore challenging problems—they prototype innovative solutions through development of their growing ability to demonstrate, apply, analyze, and interpret. 

Upon graduation, students who meet the eligibility requirements of “The Fairfield Promise” will be able to attend Midlands Technical College at no cost to the student.

High School graduates of Charter Schools under the Charter Institute at Erskine aspiring to obtain a 4-year degree may receive the Pilot Scholarship ($100,000) and may take part in the open competition for 5 of the President's Scholarships ("Full Ride") from Erskine College if they meet the eligibility requirements for admission and are accepted. 

Allison McFarlan

Chief Academic Officer

Allison McFarlan, Chief Academic Officer