Student Handbook

2019-2020 School Dress Code

Student uniforms must meet the following criteria:

Shirts must be collared and navy blue, red, or white in color. Shirts may be polos or other collared shirts, and can be short or long-sleeved based on the season and weather conditions. During winter weather, students may wish to wear navy, red, or white sweaters or blazers over collared shirts. Bottoms must be khaki or navy blue in color and may include pants, knee-length shorts, capris, knee-length skorts, knee-length skirts with bike shorts underneath, or knee-length jumpers or shifts with navy tights underneath. Socks must be white only, and shoes must be close toed. Clothing should be comfortable and conducive to movement, but not excessively tight or baggy. Parents of students who are in violation of the dress code will be immediately contacted for rectification, and the student will be removed from classes until appropriate clothing has been brought to school. No rolling bookbags are allowed.

Please remember that MSI students are engaged in exceptional learning activities every day. Students are moving, doing, learning, exploring, building, and creating all day and clothing must allow for this level of activity.

All other student dress code policies will remain in effect. Please refer to the MSI online student handbook.

Should you have questions, please contact the MSI office at 803-815-1524. On behalf of the faculty, staff, administration, and board of directors we welcome you to MSI and look forward to a wonderful school year.

Cynthia Prince

Executive Director/Principal