Midlands STEM


A Tuition-Free Public School Located in Winnsboro, SC

Open to all Students in South Carolina

Grades K-10 for the School Year 2019-2020

Tomorrow's Education For Today's Children

We are accepting student applications! To apply, please complete our online application form and the enrollment package; both can be found here.

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Title I Parent Survey


Please complete our Title I Parent Survey by April 25, 2019. This survey is used to collect data regarding schoolwide Title I programs. The feedback/data will be used for our comprehensive needs assessment. The survey can be found several places (here, an email was sent, and a link is on the Pony Express) but you only need to complete it once. The survey can be found at:


If your grade 5 - 8 scholar wants to join band for the 2019 - 2020 school year, please complete this form.

MSI's Baseball and Softball Teams

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Core Values




Mission Statement

The mission of the Midlands STEM Institute (MSI) is to produce academically and physically fit STEM proficient students.